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Cloudwater x Other Half DIPA v14

Cloudwater x Other Half DIPA v14

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Origin: Manchester, UK
ABV: 8%
Style: Double IPA

Going back to their roots, and setting out once again with the intention of exploring the length and breadth of the world of modern hoppy beer innovations with a relaunch of the legendary DIPA v-series.

Originally conceived as a series of developing a benchmark for DIPA, back when hazy, and highly hopped beers of all strengths beers were new to the UK. This time Cloudwater is exploring the newest production techniques, the very latest hop varietals, products and developments, and innovations from the field of brewing yeast from a position of expertise and experience.

The intention is to work hand-in-hand in collaboration with breweries that broke ground and helped create the scene Cloudwater loves today, integrating breweries whose work now also focuses on progressive modern hoppy beer along the way.

This version has Nectaron Cryo, a hop variety and product that wasn’t available, and Motueka Cryo which wasn’t available as a hop product at the time of the original V series release. Let’s keep exploration alive! 

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