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Finback Pale Blue Dot 2021

Finback Pale Blue Dot 2021

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Origin: NYC
ABV: 8.4%
Sour with Blueberries
Volume: 500ml/bottle

Harvest time for blueberries means the latest iteration of Pale Blue Dot, a mixed-culture golden ale showcasing the fruit! This beer pours a deep red hue reminiscent of pinot noir. Woody cedar and cinnamon add complexity and nuance to the nose, while the flavor is fully saturated fruitiness with just enough carbonation to bring out the fleshy juiciness and cut the acidity. A tart blueberry flavor carries through this first taste, pinching the side of the tongue before softening to make way for tannins. The end note is dry and quenching, with a callback to the cinnamon and wood hinted at on the nose. Take another sip to relive the experience, or allow the aftertaste to oscillate between lingering blueberry fruit character and tannic warmth. A truly easy-drinking and berry-licious sour beer that's perfect for all your summer hangs! 

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