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Razel's Peanut Butter Rum 500mL ABV 38.1%

Razel's Peanut Butter Rum 500mL ABV 38.1%

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Imagine you could capture the flavors of popular American treats and combine them with fine Caribbean Rum to create a truly exceptional taste experience... With Razel‘s, this improbable dream becomes delightful reality!
Fusing wonderfully aged rum from the Caribbean with natural aromas only, Razel‘s offers liquid desserts that are inspired by your all time favorite American classics.

Razel‘s Peanut Butter Rum pairs the natural aroma of creamy, slightly salty peanut butter with fine aged Caribbean Rum. Experience the heavenly smell of freshly roasted peanuts, salted caramel as well as echoes of chocolate and vanilla.
Have a sip for an oily creamy sensation with subtle notes of dark chocolate, caramel and the nuttiest peanut butter you can imagine.
Enjoy it neat, with ice or in exciting cocktails, or simply spice up your dessert.

ABV 38.1%

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