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Saison Marigold Vin Amaro

Saison Marigold Vin Amaro

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Victoria // Australia

22% ABV

Saison is a small batch handmade vermouth that celebrates the bounty of each season. Made in Melbourne by chef turned aperitif nerd Dave Verheul.

Say hello to the second amaro release, this time it's summer and it is Dave's new Marigold Vin Amaro.

Like the name suggests this one is a wine based amaro focusing on summer marigolds. Infusions are made of different varieties of marigolds, venus apricots, coriander seed, smoked white grapefruit skin and burnt blood orange. These are then blended into a skinsy fiano base wine, sweetened with local honey and aged in old pinot oak for the rest of the year.
Made in Melbourne by chef/vermouth guy Dave Verheul of Embla fame. The idea is to take flavours of fruit, flowers and uncommon herbs and create a bright, lively take on vermouth and amaro that change with the seasons.

Saison is conceived from the idea that aperitifs can be brighter, fresher and be built on singular, seasonal, ingredient-led flavour profiles.

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